1. Jmxmon Introduction

Jmxmon is a jmx monitor module based on Open-falcon. Along with the agent of open-falcon, it can collect the service state of any java process whose JMX service port is open and push the collected data to the service of Open-falcon.

1.1. Main Feature

Collecting jvm information of java process through jmx, including gc time consuming, gc frequency, gc throughput, utilization rate of old generation, size of new generation promotion, active threads and etc.。

It does not hack the code of programm and cost little resources in the system.

1.2. Collected Metrics

Counters Type Notes
parnew.gc.avg.time GAUGE average time consuming of each YoungGC(parnew) in a minute
concurrentmarksweep.gc.avg.time GAUGE average time consuming of each CMSGC in a minute
parnew.gc.count GAUGE counter of the YoungGC(parnew) in a minute
concurrentmarksweep.gc.count GAUGE ounter of the CMSGC in a minute
gc.throughput GAUGE total traffic ratio of GC (application running time/process total running time)
new.gen.promotion GAUGE size of the new generation memory promotion in a minute
new.gen.avg.promotion GAUGE average size of all new generation memory promotion in a minute
old.gen.mem.used GAUGE memory usage of old generation老年代的内存使用量
old.gen.mem.ratio GAUGE memory usage percentage of old generation
thread.active.count GAUGE number of currently active thread
thread.peak.count GAUGE peak number of thread

The alarm metric and the threshold can be congifured flexibility according to their different features.

Metric Condition Note
gc.throughput all(#3)<98 gc thtoughput rate stays below 98% will affect the performance
old.gen.mem.ratio all(#3)>90 it needs to be optimized that the old generation memory usage 10 over 90%
thread.active.count all(#3)>500 too many threads will affect the performance

2. Help

Please visit jmxmon for more detailed instruction.

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