Environment Preparation

Please refer to Environment Preparation

Create a Working Directory

export FALCON_HOME=/home/work
export WORKSPACE=$FALCON_HOME/open-falcon
mkdir -p $WORKSPACE

Unzip the Binary Pack

tar -xzvf open-falcon-v0.2.1.tar.gz -C $WORKSPACE

Execute All the Backend Modules on One Machine

1. First, make sure that the username and password in the configuration file of database are valid, or the configuration file should be edited.

grep -Ilr 3306  ./ | xargs -n1 -- sed -i 's/root:/real_user:real_password/g'

2. Execute

./open-falcon start

# check the startup of all the modules
./open-falcon check

More usage of command line tools

# ./open-falcon [start|stop|restart|check|monitor|reload] module
./open-falcon start agent

./open-falcon check
        falcon-graph         UP           53007
          falcon-hbs         UP           53014
        falcon-judge         UP           53020
     falcon-transfer         UP           53026
       falcon-nodata         UP           53032
   falcon-aggregator         UP           53038
        falcon-agent         UP           53044
      falcon-gateway         UP           53050
          falcon-api         UP           53056
        falcon-alarm         UP           53063

For debugging , You can check $WorkDir/$moduleName/log/logs/xxx.log
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