[v0.2.0] 2017-06-17



Brand New Front-End

  • An integration of front-end modules in Open-Falcon: All the front-end components, including dashboard, screen, portal, alarm-dashboard, UIC, fe, links and etc.,are integrated in dashboard component;
  • Right control feature is added in the Dashboard;
  • Specified Endpoint and Counter files along with corresponding RRD files can be deleted;
  • Endpoint lists are displayed by default; you can turn pages in Endpoint lists and Counter lists;
  • First class screen can be deleted in Dashboard;
  • Parameters and contents of alarming Callback will be displayed in Dashbaord pages;
  • Alarm channel via Wechat is supported;
  • Alarm history is added in the Dashboard;

Integrated Back-End

  • Alarm history can be saved and displayed in Alarm;
  • 「Alarm Combination」The features of module links are combined into integrated front-end Dashboard, reducing the cost of user's setting and maintenance;
  • 「Alarm Sending」The features of module sender are combined into Alarm, reducing the cost of user's setting and maintenance;
  • The features of Query are combined into Falcon-api component;
  • The data of irregular reports can be stored;
  • Agent can collect disk monitor data of specified disk mounting point via custom setting;
  • Adding a default tag is supported in Agent, so that all data from this Agent will be sent along with the same tag by default;
  • New alarm function is added in Judge: Alarm will goes off if certain conditions match limit times in past num cycles;

Long-waited Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug that Grafana didn't support capital letters;
  • Fixed a bug that several Transfers with high availability written by Agent didn't work;
  • Fix a bug that the time-out limit setting is unreasonable when Agent is sending data to Transfer;

Brand New RESTful API:no more operations are hard to automate in Open-Falcon

  • Brand new components Falcon-api is released; all the features in Falcon-plus are available in RESTful API;
  • The integration of most features in front-end Dashboard is achieved by falcon-plus api;

[0.1.0] 2016-03-08




  • File API filing and documentation http://docs.openfalcon.apiary.io OpenFalcon-team @hitripod
  • Optimization Data migration will automatically start when Graph cluster is in expansion OpenFalcon-team @yubo laiwei niean
  • Optimization Optimize the minimal time interval of data report, which can be changed in configuration OpenFalcon-team @niean
  • New Feature Opentsdb is supported in writing monitor data 美团 OpenFalcon-team @Charlesdong
  • New Feature Grafana is supported 快网 OpenFalcon-team @hitripod
  • New Feature Cluster monitoring OpenFalcon-team @ulricqin
  • New Feature Nodata monitoring OpenFalcon-team @niean
  • New Feature URL monitoring is built in Agent @onlymellb
  • Optimization Multiple overload balacing is supported in Agent @cmgs
  • Optimization If a machine name does not exist when machines are added in Hostgroup, the host list is inserted automatically
  • Optimization Dark color scheme is used in curves in Dashboard diagrams美团 OpenFalcon-team @skyeydemon


[0.0.5] 2015-08-20

  • [agent] New Feature: Data collection concerned udp and du
  • [agent] Bugfix: Fixed a bug that Agent needs to reboot when new plug-ins are set
  • [agent] Bugfix: Fixed a bug that hostname in reload configuration file does not work after it is changed @oiooj
  • [alarm] Bugfix: Fixed an issue of line breaks in alarm mail
  • [alarm] Bugfix: Fixed a bug that Alarm cannot properly process data when alarm hierarchy configuration is null
  • [alarm] Enhancement: Default port of http has been changed (from 6060) to 9912
  • [transfer] new feature: Transfer can send the same copy of data to multiple Graph and Judge in the back-end for disaster tolerance
  • [transfer] Enhancement: Data sent to Judge are aligned and adjusted according to timestamp (in accordance with data sent to Graph)
  • [transfer] Bugfix: Fixed a bug that the unit of latency in the result sent back to client by Transfer is not correct
  • [graph] New feature: Last API port is added that can return to latest point in specified Counter
  • [query] New feature: ast API port is added that can return to latest point in specified Counter
  • [hbs] Bugfix: Fixed a bug that Agent needs to reboot when new plug-ins are set (in corelation with Agent)
  • [plugin] New feature: New plugins are added along with some commonly used plugin scripts
  • [gateway] New module is added that solves the issue of returning monitor data after network partition. For its codes and functional description, please visit here as the module is not described at Gitbook.

[0.0.4] 2015-06-09

  • [alarm] Bugfix: Fixed an issue of line breaks in alarm mail
  • [transfer] Bugfix: Fixed a bug that the feeding ability of Transfer declines when one of the Graphs crashes
  • [graph] Bugfix: Fixed a bug that the program exits when the file directory where RRD data are stored does not exist or does not have read-write access
  • [fe] New Uic component in Golang version is added

[0.0.3] 2015-06-02

  • [dashboard] bugfix: search counters by tags in screen
  • [judge] enhancement: clean stale data in memory
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