1. 7.1 Community contribution

1.1. Business monitoring

1.2. Script

  • Summarize the plugin script of each cpu core
  • Summarize the plugin script the process wastes
  • The monitoring script and service aiming at falcon
  • Windows metrics collector
  • Monitoring script of Dell server hardware state

    1.3. SDK

  • Node.js perfcounter
  • Golang perfcounter

    1.4. Else

  • SMS sender
  • Mail sender
  • Open-Falcon Ansible Playbook
  • Open-Falcon Docker

    1.5. The text

  • OpenFalcon communication: a PPT suitable for generalizing OpenFalcon in the company
  • OpenFalcon @ SACC-2015
  • The whole brain process of OpenFalcon writing: the weigh and compromise during the development process
  • OpenFalcon oprating and recording the screen showing for 10 minutes more
  • 7 means when MIUI open-source monitoring system OpenFalcon faced with high concurrency

1.6. The meeting

Kylin meeting technology salon-Open-Falcon v0.1.0 published:

  • Lai Wei——Open-Falcon new version character analysis and planning
  • Xie Danbo——the falling and subliming of Open-Falcon in Meituan
  • Ou Yaowei——the revolution and evolution of enterprise-level monitoring platform
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