Dockercontainer monitoring practice

We have introduced the usual monitoring data source in section of Data Collection. As a monitoring frame, open-falcon can collect monitoring index data in any system and it just need to organize the monitoring data to the normative format of open-falcon.

The data collection of docker container can be done by micadvisor_open.

Operating principle

Micadvisor-open is the docker container resources monitoring plug-in based on open-falcon, which monitors the CPU, memory, diskio and net io etc. and collects the data and reports to open-falcon.

The index collected

Counters Notes
cpu.busy Cpu usage percent
cpu.user Cpu usage percent in user mode
cpu.system Cpu usage percent in kernel mode
cpu.core.busy Every cpu usage percent
mem.memused.percent Memory usage percent
mem.memused Memory usage original value
mem.memtotal Total memory Memory heat usage percent Disk io read bytes Disk io write bytes Net io in bytes Net io in packets Net io in errors Net io in dropped
net.if.out.bytes Net io out bytes
net.if.out.packets Net io out packets
net.if.out.errors Net io out errors
net.if.out.dropped Net io out dropped


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