The following two steps should be processed to open alarm merging function:

Adjust the configuration of alarm

cd $WORKSPACE/alarm/

1. Adjust the content of highQueues configuration in cfg.json into 
2. Adjust the content of lowQueues configuration in cfg.json into

- In Open-Falcon, alarm is categorized into P0, P1... P6, the priority of alarm decreases successfully.
- For alarm of high priority, Open-Falcon will ensure it is sent preferentially.
- Alarm merging function only applies to alarms of low priority, because alarms of high priority are normally very important, which highly need real-time response, and we do not suggest for alarm combination.
- Therefore, it will not be combined in highQueues configuratio

The function of links components: when multiple alarms merger into one alarm, the http link addresses with details of alarms will be attached in the message for users to check the details.

install dependency

# yum install -y python-virtualenv
$ cd $WORKSPACE/links/
$ virtualenv ./env
$ ./env/bin/pip install -r pip_requirements.txt

init database and config

- database schema:
- database config: ./frame/
- initialize the data for Links.Of course,you can reference the part of Links in connecting with environment preparing


$ cd $WORKSPACE/links/
$ ./control start
    --> goto

$ ./control tail
    --> tail log
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