1. Welcome to Open-Falcon community

With everyone's enthusiastic support and help,Open-Falcon is developing at full speed . Now:

  1. During half a year, we have getted more than 1300 stars on github.

  2. We received dozens of pull-requests,much 100 problems and the Community College has more than 2000 members.

  3. We received lots of plugins from members who support us all the time.This plugins for example:MySQL,redis,RabbitMQ,windows-agent,switch-agent,nginx-stats.They also received many documents.

  4. In different degrees,Hundreds of Internet Company use Open-Falcon,such as: 美团、金山云、快网、宜信、七牛、又拍云、赶集、滴滴、金山办公、爱奇艺、一点资讯、快牙、开心网、借贷宝、百度、迅雷等等

  • QQ gruop:373249123(FULL)
  • QQ 3rd group:469342415(FULL)
  • QQ 2th group:516088946(JOIN US)

2. Acknowledgement

This english document is translated and maintained by 宋立岭,thanks a lot.

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